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Hope for Children Kenya is now supporting 45 orphans in an area with over 500 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), who desperately need the help of good people like Pamela. Despite her diabetic condition, Pamela puts on her sandals every morning and for the sake of the children and she pushes through her aging body believing that God takes care of her and the children.

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Hope for Children and Development is registered under the Ministry of Gender, Children and social Development, Kenya. We welcome all volunteers to come help us take care of orphans and vulnerable children

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You may contact us on web.hcdk#gmail.com or call +254725132414

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Israel Kenyatta was first brought to Hope for Children Kenya on September 29th by the Kayole police. The police received the 1 day old baby from a woman living from Soweto. The woman had this touching story to share about the fortunate baby boy:
"It was late on a cold Monday night, around midnight when i heard my dog backing abnormally and he seemed to be seeking my attention. Not long after that, i heard a babies cry and was terrified. My body froze and i thought i was dreaming. But when the cries continued, i got up quickly and grabbed the flashlight and gently pulled the door open. I saw a bloody white baby cloth and that was where the cries were coming from. I flashed my flashlight around the parameter and when i could see anyone so i slowly looked inside the cloths. I screemed when i saw the brown baby lying there with blood all over. The baby cried louder and neighbours came rushing out one by one with flashlights, clubs and weapons.
One of my neighbours who is a motorcyclist carried me and the baby to the police station. I left the child at the police station."
The child was then handed over to Hope for Children Kenya where he was catered for and hospitalized. It took several weeks for the baby Israel to fully recover. The child is now healthy, walking and speeking and these are the words of the caretaker: I felt a lot of love for the baby Kenyatta when he was first brought to my Children's home and since then, Kenyatta has brought me so much joy and has built me and the community in many ways.

Hope for children Kenya- Pamela (Director), Israel Kenyatta, Polycarp Kamau and Barbara from Italy

Our Vision: To rekindle hopes and dreams of the vulnerable children.

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