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Hope for children is need of sponsors who are willing to support us in meeting expenses for Food, Education and Medicals of the 56 children in our care. The government does not currently offer a solution for the needs of the children and is up to Pamela to crowdfund from the local community. The community occasionally donates cloths for boys and cloths for girls, maize flour and toys. However Pamela still struggles to keep the children in school and healing them when they are sick. The girls need sanitary pads and school shoes. Along with this they need at least 4 dresses.

Education needs per child: 2 pairs of uniform, black school shoes, 2 pair of socks, 6-20 exercise books, pencils, pens, calculators, mathematical sets, transport costs, school bags, academic trips & tuition fees.

Food & Nutrition

$30000 per month

Education Best Value

$50000 per month

Medical & Insurance

$100000 per month
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