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Halo. Hope's environment is maintained by Pamela Adhiambo, who washes, cleans, and feed the children and the environment. Pamela ensures that the sheets remain clean and tidy to keep away unwanted pests. In times of water shortages, which occur weekly, Pamela uses donated money to outsource water for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Unfortunately, she sometimes falls ill and needs someone to take care of the little kids while the big ones are in school. Volunteers have the opportunity to look after these children, play with them, feed them, and cheer them up with songs and games.

Eating & bonding

We want everyone to feel welcome and at home. We do this by sharing activities such as eating. After food has been prepared, the little children are served first while the table is set up. Finally, everyone takes position and food is served to everyone. Some children eat faster than others. Usually, volunteers are the last ones at the table followed by the little children.


Washrooms are washed daily.

Clean beddings

Many visitors are amazed at how Pamela maintains the children home with white sheets. All 14 beds are spread with white sheets. Pamela says that she only trusts white sheets to keep her home clean. According to her, it white sheets show her the true state of cleanliness and this keeps her washing and cleaning whenever the sheets look less white.


The home was started in the year 2000 and registered in 2010, as a good will of giving back to community and as a way of appreciating life because of the nature of life the founder went through as a young girl. Pamela Adhiambo (Director) was born in the rural set up of Nyanza Kenya under the true hardship of poverty and because of this, she only managed to learn up to class 4 and drop out to face the true nature of survival as a young girl, working as house help in Nairobi. She got married at an early age with the hope of getting a better life which was not the case and after several attempt without success because of being abused and buttered, she settled down to be a single woman raising her three children as a business woman.

Based on her life story of not being able to go school, she decided that she was going to give unfortunate children from different background an opportunity she never had and because of that the orphanage was born.


6 children share 1 bed. three on one side and three on the other.