Volunteers giving hope to Orphans

Volunteering at Hope for children Kenya, you will be working with children of different ages. You will help with a variety of educational and fun activities such as art, games and songs, and assist local staff to develop stimulating new ideas to interest young children in learning. Any encouragement you can offer goes a long way towards building a child's self-esteem and confidence.

Responsibilities of Volunteers at Hope for Children Kenya

At Hope for Children Kenya, Volunteers focus on improving the children’s health and wellbeing, helping orphans lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty


Barbie, A volunteer from Italy

  • Volunteers seek to ensure that all people— especially those with the fewest resources—can access the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life.
  • Be kind to Children. Volunteers to care for the children and show them love.
  • Share storytime. Read your favorite books to children in the hospital. They can sit next to you and turn the pages.
  • Offer a lift.As a volunteer, you may drive the children to school, to their medical appointments,or to pick up groceries from th market.
  • Deliver meals. You and the children can bring both hot food and companionship to the children who do not go back home for lunch as you pick those chldren who only learn for half a day.
  • Befriend a child. Some of the children may be isolated due to trauma and other past experiences. Other children are just new to the home and require you to draw near to them. They need you to keep them company and show reassure them that they are safe in the new environment.
  • Clean up. Pick up litter, mop the floor, wash clothes, wash dishes, wash children and others- These are all activities you may engage in to make the Home cleaner and more habitable.
  • Visit hospitalized children. Volunteers are allowed to visit children who are hospitalized at the local hospital. Hope admits and refers its ill children to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital (M.L.K.H.) next to the District Commisioner's office.
  • Put together activity boxes. When you spend time with the children, decorate shoe boxes and fill them with a deck of cards, small games, and puzzle books or simply sing songs and play and teach them new games.
  • Crowd-fund to fight disease. Small kids fall ill as many as once in 4months. This means in a crowd of 40 kids, you will have at least 10 kids falling sick in a month. Some children have anaemia which makes them very vulnerable as they grow older. This is a big problem at hope and we require all the support we can get. This is why volunteers are encouraged to spread the word about the medical condition home. If you can, please donate.
  • Get food for the kids. As a volunteer at the Home, you are allowed to purchase food for the children and bring the food to the home during your hours.